My Guide to Tulum

Tulum has been on my bucket list for a while. We had originally planed a one week trip to Maldives, but we ended up for a two week trip to Tulum instead.

I know Tulum is on the bucket list for many of you as well, so I thought I’d share where I went, along with a few recommendations.

We stayed in two different hotels, Coco Tulum and HABITAS TULUM,eaten in many different restaurants and did some activities but here are my Tulum top recommendations!

Where I eat and stay

  • HABITAS TULUM:  I honestly was head over heels in love with this hotel the minute we stepped foot into it. This place is picture perfect, so peaceful and the staff is incredibly friendly. We stayed in this place for our last 4 days and we were more than happy. Most of the time we spend our time at the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoyed delicious cocktails. We had dinner here every night. I was completely shocked at how much I enjoyed eating here. Overall this place is one of my favorite restaurants to eat in Tulum.
  • ARCA: This restaurant is highly recommend. The food at Arca is a unique style of Mexican cuisine that draws on a broad palette of cultural influences. It’s inventive, creative, beautiful. I read many good feedback about this place and it exceeded my expectations. Everything we had was really amazing especially our dessert, the Grilled Mamey with white chocolate sauce. It was the best thing I have ever tasted in my entire life. You’ll need a reservation for this place otherwise you’ve to go there early to get the table. The open time is 18:00
  • Hartwood: Hartwood is one of Tulum’s best and well known restaurants. But after eating at Arca my expectations were super high up there. You’ll need a reservation for this place as well.
  • Safari Tulum: If it’s one thing I love about Tulum is, Tulum has some very good eats!!! This small but hip restaurant in the jungle is also one of my fav place to eat in Tulum. Coolest kitchen and best fish taco with great cocktails here. But please remember to bring cash as they do not take credit cards.
  • Posada Margarita: We really didn’t have a bad meal in Tulum. And this is the best Italian restaurant here. It’s cute, romantic and the food is absolutely incredible.















 What To Do

  • Relax On The Beach: It’s pretty much sure that if you go to Tulum, you’re going to want to spend plenty of time on the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying the stunning coast. The Coco Tulum, where you can enjoy delicious cocktails as you lounge.
  • Explore The Cenotes: There’re quite a few Cenotes you can explore. Cenotes are underwater sinkholes and the Yucatan peninsula is known to have the largest amount of them. They are absolutely spectacular and perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving. We took a Cenotes trip for 4hrs. and it was unforgettable.
  • Tulum Ruins: It’s a perfect day trip for those who are tired of idly lounging around the beach. It’s pectacular view up there. We made a bike tour to this place and it took us about 20mins from the Coco Tulum. Of course you also can go there by taxi. Watch out for the Iguanas, if you’re not a fan of them. They’re everywhere.
  • Shopping: If you’re looking to do some shopping, there’re so many cute shop on the beach road.











What to know

  • Bring plenty of cash as some restaurants do not accept credit cards. You can also pay in $USD but they offer you a bad exchange rate, so better get cash at the ATM. There’re a few on the beach road, but most of them do not work, so either get cash at the airport or in Tulum Centro (e.g. at the Scotiabank)
  • There’re a lot of mosquitos, even in the day. Use a mosquito repellent especially in the evening! Otherwise you might get eaten alive. You also can buy it in Tulum and every hotel or restaurant offer for the guests as well.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions for other readers in the comments below!!

Pornwika xx

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