Layering summer dress for a cold day

When you get the new summer dress that you really like and you can’t wait until the weather will allow you to wear it. A super basic and easy way to wear it is doing some layering!!!

And my master key-piece for layering is a thin turtleneck, just wear it underneath!!!! I want to look good, but also don’t want to freeze my butt off, so I wear tights + OTK boots. The thigh-high boots are really good. It’s almost like wearing pants because so much of my legs are covered. It’s the best choice for a midi or short, even maxi dress.

I don’t want to look too sexy in this combo, so I toughened up my layers by wearing my new bomber jacket over the dress. Bomber jackets are a great way to dress down and give a too-girly outfit a bit of an edge.

How do you like this look?

Pornwika xx


Outfit details:

 Winter Muse Dress

 W Concept Bomber Jacket