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Hello lovelies,

so excited to share some more pictures from our stay in Bali and if you are still jealous from my previous post about our Bali vacation, well here’s the reason to really hate me:

Our last stay within our collaboration with The Asia Collective was in the great Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort & Spa – by the way: Air in Balinese language means water

This resort is located in Kuta and has several different sized villas, from the smaller One-Bedroom Bamboo Pool Villa to the Grand Pool Villa with four bedrooms.
We stayed in the one bedroom pool villa, where Balinese meets Zen and it was amazing! The villa has next to the pool a nice small garden and a outdoor living area with a small kitchen. Inside is a big cozy bedroom and a top notch bathroom with a free standing bathtub. All very clean and very well maintained. Just check out the pictures below, no more words needed…

Not only their Villa is my favourite place to stay but I also highly recommend their restaurant , The Mata Air – Asia fusion cuisine with delicious food and beautiful presentation.

Inside the resort you will find a peaceful spa space, with many kinds of different treatments to choose. This resort has lots of places to stroll around and take pictures. My favourite place was the palm alley and as I can tell from other IG pics, I was not alone with that… haha.

Ok a few more words might be necessary!
The breakfast is delivered to your villa and nicely set up. You can choose different menus, Japanese, Continental, Indonesien and Burritos – yes Burritos! But take that one only if you do not have plans to eat anything else that day, because it is a lot.
You order the breakfast the day before and it is delivered on time.

Although the resort is close to a very busy street, you will be surprised how quiet it is once you enter the premises. All noise immediately vanishes and you start to relax.

Well if you want…

Because just 15 walking minutes or a short ride in the complementary transport offered by the resort (including a Wifi hotspot in the car) you will find Seminyak Square and lots of restaurants, shops and bars.

I must admit that 2 nights is just not enough to fully enjoy this place! There is so much (or so little) to do, that you can easily spent your whole vacation in this place and it never gets boring.

Thank you to the whole team for this amazing stay, special thanks to Emily for taking good care of us!






Welcome to Villa No.3











This post is in collaboration with VILLA AIR BALI BOUTIQUE RESORT & SPA  via THE ASIA COLLECTIVE





















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  1. Oh man, that bathtub looks amazing!!

    1. I know, right! Thank you so much lovely. X

  2. You look so incredible in red! Wow!
    This place looks so beautiful and cozy! Have to visit sometime😍

    1. Aww that is so sweet, thank you Britta! Yes, this place is really beautiful, definitely need to visit there. X

  3. I feel you look more beautiful than the surrounding… Bali is very beautiful… been there amazing place…

    1. Aww your comment made my day, thank you so much lovely! Yes, Bali is really amazing place. I was there for 10 days but it still was to short for me, need to go back there again. X

  4. So pretty there. Sounds like an amazing time! Hope I can go here one day.

    1. It is really pretty and I had an amazing time there. Thank you! X

  5. Wooooooow, what amazing pics, hun! So in love with your red Dress, you really look fab! While looking at your Images I really can’t wait for my own Holidays to start next week!

    xx Sarah-Allegra

    1. Thank you babe! So excited for you too. Xx

  6. Babe!!! These pictures are a dream!! I would love to stay here next time Im in Bali!!! Such a sweet Villa and your red dress is perfect for it!!! Hope to catch up with you while I’m in Europe babe!!!



    1. Thank you babe! Yes, this place is really sweet and the staff are very friendly! Hope to catch up with you soon. Xx

  7. It looks like you had such an amazing time! That orange kaftan dress really stands out beautifully against the scenery 🙂

    Adrianna xx |

    1. Thank you so much lovely! It’s my favourite dress so far. X

  8. amazing article love Bali <3

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