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Every one love a touch of gold and statement earrings are a thing, right? I was searching for the perfect ones to fit my style and I found them in this LAVOISIER  gold earrings from BYALONA .

BYALONA is created by Alona Shelemy, a new London based designer. She is the daughter of a fine jeweller, that gave her the passion to become a Jewellery design. But Alona has chosen to break away from her fine jewellery heritage. Her collection fuses contrasting elements so each piece is unique, beautiful and edgy. And each and every piece is made in London.

I couldn’t stop staring at this golden accessory. It was love at the first sight. These earrings are made from 22k gold plated brass, the organic shaped rectangular earrings feature ripples and folds which reflect the light beautifully. The understated luxury of this golden earrings make my outfits so much more interesting than any other chunky crystal could ever do. And most of all: it’s wearable – day and night! And no, these earrings are not heavy at all. Another nice feature is, that those earrings are clip on for the ones of you who haven’t got your ears pierced.

If you are looking for bright and bold jewellery that makes a big fashion statement for you, why don’t you check out BYALONA for more stunning pieces. Sometimes it’s just about changing the perspective and learning to try new things.





This post is in collaborating with BYALONA.

Pornwika Xx


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  1. Ohhh Gassshh I need these earings soooo badly! They’re gorgeaus! Can’t wait to see wear them! xxx Carla

    1. You’re right hun! They are really gorgeous. Xx

  2. These earrings are awesome!

    1. I know right! Thank you. X

  3. Liebe Pornwika,

    die Ohrringe snd ja wunderschön. Sie werten jedes Outfit auf und sind ein toller Eyecatcher.

    Liebe Grüße Sandra

    1. Ja, hast du recht Liebes! Dankeschön Xx

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