LFW part II

Back to normal life after a crazy Fashion Week.  Ever since I had an interest in fashion, my dream was to one day attend big Fashion Week, like NYFW, MFW, PFW or LFW. I always hoped that I would one day be lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend this “glamorous” event. And that time came finally but I can tell you, it was definitely not all fun and as glamorous as you thought. There is a lot of work that need to be done months ahead of it and during it and Fashion Week is expensive!! This was my very first London Fashion Week. I was there only on the weekend. It was actully too short and very exhausting. I had to cancel many events and shows, my heart said YES but my body said NO!! But even I could not made it all, it still was an amazing experience for me. I really enjoyed my time and I met many lovely people there. Of course I want to continue attending Fashion Weeks and I am already looking forward for the next season to come.

Now let’s talk about how I created this look. Keep it simple, but sharp: If in doubt, just wear monochrome. As I told you in the last post – to hold my  strong character and kick the fear’s ass  I decided to wear a feminine yet edgy look and of course nothing but black and white. And it was about the outfit for London Fashion Week that is why I carefully picked each item. Fashion is for me about what you wear and how you wear it, not about what brand you wear. So I was searching for eye-catching items. My interest is especially layers, textures and interesting detailing and I found it in this Off-the-shoulder shirt from JACQUEMUS that I bought from Mytheresa. I need to say…sleeve game stronger than ever and it is for sure a piece to impress.

Since the weather was still cold, I did some layers by wearing the black ribbed high collar sweater underneath and also to contrast the white shirt. I simply rocked this look with those Cracked Vinyl Peg pants from Topshop. These high-shine vinyl pants are somehow very cool and I really love a flash of glossy black vinyl. Together with those V neck white pumps from H&M. I mean, look at those shoes, guys! They are the most flattering and eye-catching pair of white shoes I ever had and obviously easy paired with the large fishnet tights. Ahhh I really love fishnets trend!!

I am wearing

 JACQUEMUS Off-the-shoulder cotton-piqué shirt  :  TOPSHOP Cracked Vinyl Peg Trousers :  ASOS Large Fishnet Stocking :  H&M Shoes :  ZARA RIBBED HIGH COLLAR SWEATER :  MANGO Tear earrings :  BALENCIAGA Canvas Bag











By the way this outfit was shot by Elena Gola a London Photographer half an hour before I left London. It took only about 15 mins but I am really more than happy with the results and had much fun working with her.

See you next time….Xxx


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9 thoughts on “LFW part II

    1. Ah stop it!! I am really sure you did a perfect styling. This shirt is already pretty by itself , everyone can pull it off in perfect way. Please post it very soon, can’t wait to see. Lots of love…Xx


  1. Your so lucky to go to fashion week, hun. It is my dream come true! My personal favorite trend was feathers this season. I am dying to get Prada’s pink feather top and skirt, as well as the matching pink feather shoes! Fabulous and beautiful!!

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:


    I promise not to dissapoint!

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