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A strong character outside yet soft inside is really me. And if someone asks me how would I describe my personal style? Honestly said, my style depends on my mood. When I feel weak or feared I always wear any edgy yet feminine style to cheer up and remind me to stay strong. And that was what I really needed when I attended my first London Fashion Week. Everything was very new for me there and I was alone. Actually someone supposed to be there with me but she could not make it. ( if you read this you know who you are…..hihi ) So I was the little girl first time in the big big town… hahaha!!!! So I decided to create my first look in a strong way to kick the fear’s ass!!!

Actually I have planned to wear another coat with this outfit but when I arrived at the hotel in London, this coat was already there waiting for me. How could I say no for it, right? It was what I really needed now: something special for my first visit of the London Fashion Week, something it makes me feel special and something to hold my strong character back and this coat seems to be perfect for me. The talented HAIZHEN WANG seems to know how to hold a strong character, conviction and self awareness. This coat is from his new AW17/18 collection and was supposed to be presented by a model for him that day but I was allowed to wear it and it was really a pleasure and a honor. It is such a really eye-catching coat with amazing cutting and interesting details-double side wool with all the seams finished by hand so it gives them lightness and with lining. It is a perfect item to style simple-casual yet edgy-cool  and it got lots of compliments when people saw it.

HAIZHEN WANG  has his own luxury womenswear label based in London and he established himself as the cutting-edge designer. If any of you are curious about the strong line, my take is based on my experience with this coat definitely worth buying. His collections are really amazing and if you carefully look from piece to piece, one by one – even if you have a different style or you are afraid to try the whole look, I am pretty sure you will find your favourite that matches perfect with your own clothes. This is a designer you should definitely get to know!!




I love to try new things and I am not afraid of the challenge even designers have to fight with it from time to time.













Details of my first London Fashion Week outfit will be up on the next blogpost…..Xxx


This post is in collaboration with HAIZHEN WANG

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  1. These photographs are amazing! I love your style so much and that coat is just beautiful! Followed! Great post <3

    1. Thank you so much lovely!!

  2. Liebe Pornwika,

    ein wunderschönes Outfit Styling ! Ich liebe deinen Mantel. Die Farbe ist so toll zu schwarz und weiß.

    Liebe Grüße Sandra


    1. Liebe Sandra,

      vielen Dank und ich freue mich, dass du den Mantel liebst. Ja, die Farbe ist echt toll…Xxx

      Liebe Grüße,

  3. ooh ich bin total verliebt in den Look *.*
    Der Mantel ist der Wahnsinn! Hätte ich nicht schon so viele würde er direkt bei mir einziehen 😀

    Liebste Grüsse

    1. Vielen Dank, liebe Swenja!! Ich freue mich sehr, dass der Mantel dir gefällt. Haha kein Problem, der Mantel wird eh erst nächsten Winter verkauft. Er ist aus der neuen Kollektion AW17/18, die auf der FW präsentiert wurde… 😊

  4. The styling of an outfit can make or break a look, I think that’s the most and unique feature of each and every one of us. Some got it and some don’t, and Boy You Sure Do!!You always style the looks to perfection. The coat, ohh what can I say…is beyond gorg!! xxxCarla 2leave.com

    1. Aww thank you so much, Carla!! Yes, you are absolutely right. It is such a big challenge for us, right? But I am not afraid of challenges….haha!! And could not agree more with you about the coat….Xxx Pornwika

  5. Absolutely stunning look! Love the coat, shoes, and that sleeve…. Perfect!

    xx AGA

    1. Thank you so much!!!

  6. Your Haizhen Wang Coat is absolutely stunning! Love its brown color and the oversized cut! And I absolutely adore your whole look, Pornwika!

    All the best, Sarah-Allegra

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! And you are right, the coat is really amazing. Xx

  7. Wonderful your shoes!!! And your outfit 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxo

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