First Look of 2017

Hi lovelies, how is your 2017 so far? What are your goals for this year? For me there are so many things that I want to achieve.

The first thing is do more sport. To keep myself healthy and burn my cellulite away!!! So yesterday I went to the gym and started to build that BOOTY…..hahaha

Second is concentrating on my new job as fulltime-blogger. Get opportunities to work with premium international brands more than last year and of course earn more money with this job….hihi!!!  And this year I have the amazing chance to step outside my comfort zone and to attend LFW next month. Can not wait…Wohooooo!!!!

By the way since beginning of this year I have a lot of things to do that why I did not have a chance to write on my blog also the weather was always so bad and I was almost one week sick. But here you are… first look of 2017 and it is all about street-style. Also lately I have worn all outfits almost in monochrome tone but from now you might see more colors on me. And I hope you will like it!!!

Today I am wearing the classic combination….black Top, blue denim, and tan leather. This black turtle neck shirt is from my favorite brand @funktionschnitt, all their shirts are so soft and give you cozy feeling. Some of you saw those blue jeans on me already few times. I actually have many pair of blue jeans but those high rise jeans from Monki are my all time favorite jeans. And look at my new bag from @X Nihilo, this Milfordis is a new kind of bucket bag with sumptuous curves and amazing tan. The design is absolutely perfect for everyday. The Aussies can do very good, right!? Put on my best shoe purchase of 2016. Those Gucci shoes are everything and you can wear them with different kind of styles. And the last but not least is the coat from Zara. I just easy fell in love with this coat. The color is stunning with the great form.img_5972





This post is in collaboration with:  @funktionschnitt ➰ @X Nihilo


I hope you guys love this outfit as much as I do….Xxx Pornwika

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