Business casual chic

For a business casual look, rock some dark pants with a button up shirt but take your basic look to the next level by adding some statement pieces. Ways I try to stay professional, but still fashionable so I decided to wear the bell bottom pants that I got from DEZZAL  HERE  with the striped cuffs shirt and my favorite laced up shoes. Pull up on more feminine with a small hand bag contrast with a little gold details. This outfit is fun to wear!! You can wear the shirt inside or outside the pants. It is stylish and still looks professional that would be appropriate for work or meetings. And if you head for drinks after work with your girls then wear it like the way I wear. I always love adding quirky and funky pieces to really feminine outfits!






Xx Pornwika

Pants : DEZZAL | Shirt : ZARA | Heels : MISSPAP | Bag : FENDI | RING : MEJURI | Sunglasses : CLIC CLAC  | Phone case : THECASEFACTORY

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