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  Hi guys, this is my very first blog post about my trip to Santorini. It is the most amazing place I have ever been. Santorini is a beautiful-romantic chic island and in the same time also fashionable. I really love the view of those white houses in front of the deep blue sea. The weather was very nice…sunny but also with a nice breeze. But do not expect to go there for the white sand beaches, there you only have red or black sand or volcanic pebbles, spectacular rock beaches with a clear water because Santorini came into existence as a result of intensive volcanic activity. So experience for yourself once in a lifetime romance and charm of this pearl of the Aegean. I am already looking forward to the day I get to go back. Enjoy my post and would love to see your comments!












Xxx    Pornwika

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  1. Britta says:

    Dear these pics are so Beautiful! I have always wanted to visit Santorini, huset have not gotten around to it.
    Congrats on you first post and Cheers to many more.

    1. Thank you so much for your support babe. Yes so should to visit Santorini. It’s a very beautiful place 💙😘

  2. Babe!!! omg this is just breathtaking!!! so beautiful and I LOVE all your outfits!!! I’m missing summer so bad!! xxx Ash

    1. Thank you so much babe for stopping by 😘

  3. Gosh, why didn’t I just realize you have a blog now?! What a pity! Anyway, I’m already deeply in love with your blog!

    All the best, Sarah-Allegra

    1. Aww thank you for your Lovely comment babe! I still need to work more on it 😘

  4. Very nice pics! And congrats on your first blog 🙂

  5. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

  6. Wow great pics!!! I love the black dress on you 🙂 xoxo Vanessa

  7. Wow great pics and looks 🙂 especially your black dress!!! xoxo Vanessa

  8. Thank you so much gorgeous!! Glad you like it 🤗

  9. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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